Featured Projects

Below is an overview of highly customized projects designed, engineered, and constructed by our team. From state-of-the-art research facilities and educational systems, to mobile aquaponic units and event spaces, reach out to us to discuss making your unique ideas come to life!

Cedar Cliff High School

Paul Westwood and Henry Nickerson designed and constructed this aquaponic facility for Cedar Cliff High School, of West Shore School District in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

Once a planetarium, this round room brought with it a number of unique engineering challenges, but ultimately led to a truly one-of-a-kind system.

Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA)

This facility, designed and constructed for CCA by Paul Westwood and Henry Nickerson, is the pinnacle of functional industrial aesthetic, and positions CCA as a global leader in aquaponic and hydroponic education.

Nutrients for the main grow room are produced by three, 900 gallon fish tanks which house Koi and Tilapia. The main grow contains over 5,000 square feet of state-of-the-art growing equipment, including Media Beds, Float Beds, Vertical NFT Arrays, and Hydro-Wheels

Additionally, the Westwood CEA team designed and constructed a designated grow room for conducting light-manipulation trials, a Tissue Culture Lab, and a CRISPR Genetics and Biology lab, housed in an ISO6 Clean Room.

Photos Courtesy of Dan Gleiter/PennLive.com

CCA: Mobile Aquaponic Lab

To aid in bringing aquaponic experiences to their satellite campuses, Commonwealth Charter Academy tasked Paul Westwood and Henry Nickerson with constructing a mobile aquaponic lab.

This trailer contains a fully functioning aquaponic system, climate controlled for year-round operation, on-board generators, and lab space for student workshops.

This Mobile Aquaponic Lab travels the Mid-Atlantic to schools, fairs, and trade-shows.

Sustainable Human Environment

This enclosed aquaponic facility was developed for a Pennsylvania grower for conducting plant growth rate trials.

For this project, we refurbished two shipping containers: a 20′ low-cube to house the aquaculture equipment, and to serve as a prep-room, and a 40′ high-cube outfitted with Vertical NFT arrays.

As the client wanted to be able to give tours of the space without sacrificing bio-security, we fitted the end of the container with acrylic so that the doors could be opened for viewing, while maintaining the controlled environment.