Westwood CEA

Westwood CEA

Global Leader in Agricultural Design, Engineering, and Master-Planning

Plant Research and Tissue Culture Laboratories

Custom laboratory design, case-work installation, and equipment procurement.

Global Consulting and International Development

Project planning, feasibility studies, and implementations of CEA installations.

Educational and University Research Facilities

Living laboratories for education, research, and workforce development.

International Development and Foreign Consulting

Over the past eight years, Paul Nickerson, Director of Westwood CEA has traveled across East and West Africa, Europe, and the Americas, advising foreign governments, private sector clients, and Non-Governmental Organizations on aquaculture and agriculture development.

The Westwood CEA team has implemented a wide range of custom projects, growing facilities, mobile aquaponic labs, and event spaces.

Serving clients around the globe, our team is dedicated to providing best-in-class solutions in CEA facility design, plant propagation, and crop production.